unique combination of Physio + complex, Mescal reactive calcium, phosphorus, sulphur and magnesium

    P2O5 – 18%, CaO – 36%, MgO – 5%, SO3 – 6%

    PHYSIO-MESCAL G18 is composed of a mixture of seaweed extracts containing aminopurine compounds and highly reactive calcium carbonate. The synergy between aminopurine and calcium has a major impact on root and root hair stimulation which improves cell division and stimulates plant growth.
    The unique combination of Physio + complex, Mescal reactive calcium, phosphorus, sulphur and magnesium makes a superior combination of fertilizers.
    PHYSIO-MESCAL G18 can be used in organic production.

    • Application depends on the results of soil analysis, i.e. soil acidity and the requirements of the crop, general recommendation is an application rate of 300 - 1,000 kg / ha.

    • For more details and fertilization plans please contact our sales representatives.

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    Expectations & Benefits

    • MESCAL - reactive calcium carbonate
      • Soluble, highly reactive calcium carbonate - improves soil structure
      • It affects the micro pH in the root, creates conditions for mycorrhiza
      • Inhibits the growth of spores of unwanted fungal species
      • It activates complex humification processes, increasing the humus content in the soil
      • Stimulates the mineralization of soil organic matter
      • Strengthens the structure of plant tissues
    • Phosphorus
      • Phosphorus is the element responsible for energy changes in the plant
      • Stimulates the development of the root system of the plant
      • Has impact on the reproduction of plants
      • Physio-Mescal G18 contains phosphorus in the form of soft phosphate rock, so its release is adapted to the needs of the plant throughout the growing season
    • Magnesium
      • The element of life, the ingredient of chlorophyll
      • Affects the proper conversion of nitrogen
      • It guarantees the proper level of sugar needed for plant growth
      • Determines the quality and quantity of the crop
    • Sulphur
      • Stimulates the work of microorganisms in the soil
      • Encourages efficiency and nitrogen conversion
      • Affects better dry matter formation


    600 kg