hydrosoluble biostimulant designed to accelerate ripening & improve fruit colour

    NPK 8/16/42 + B, Fe, Mn, Zn

    KSC PHYT - actyl V is hydrosoluble biostimulant with emphasised potassium content.

    Accelerates ripening, improves the fruit colour and increases the dry matter content in the fruit.

    One of six different combinations that are specifically adapted to the different conditions and phenophases of the plant.

    Has PHYT-actyl specificity.

    • Application from the fruit formation phase to the end of vegetation cycle and in cases of increased potassium need at an application rate of 4 - 6 kg / ha per week.

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    Expectations & Benefits

    • It contains PHYT-actyl specificity
    • Highly soluble with low salt and chlorine content enables successful ion transport and tolerance to osmotic and salinity stress
    • Buffered formulas optimize nutrient absorption without lowering the pH of irrigation water
    • Six formulas containing different formulations which allow flexibility through vegetation cycle


    25 kg