liquid biostimulant for faster initial growth and more intensive rooting of young plants

    NPK 13/5/8 + 4% C + GB + Humic acids + Fulvic acids

    Fertiactyl Starter is a liquid biostimulant with a high content of humic acids and the addition of fulvic acids.
    It is applied in the initial stages of plant growth after germination or transplanting.
    To stimulate the development of the root system, it affects the intake of nutrients and water during the vegetation cycle, especially in the initial stages of growth and development..
    Helps improve soil fertility as well as nutrient availability and it increases plant resistance to stress.

    • Foliar application, by watering or through an irrigation system. In foliar application, the application is performed with all types of standard sprayers and atomizers at an application rate of 200 - 400 l / ha of water for cereals, industrial plants, vegetables and flowers.
    • The dose and time of application depend on the crop and phenophase of the plant.

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    Expectations & Benefits

    • Glycin betain
      • Strengthening the resistance of young plants to stress (chemical toxicity - pesticides and herbicides, salinity, high and low temperatures, humidity)
      • Prolongs the life of chlorophyll and increases the efficiency of photosynthesis
      • More energy and sugar available to the plant
    • Zeatin
      • Affects the development of new vegetative organs
      • Provides easily accessible nutrients (NPK)
      • Moisture storage
      • Better survival in drought conditions
    • Humic and Fulvic acids
      • Faster tissue regeneration after damage and periods of low temperatures
      • Availability of phosphorus throughout the vegetation
      • Delays growth stoppage caused by stress (frost, herbicide, water stagnation)
      • Better nutrient and water distribution
    • Microbiological activity - role 4% C
      • Improves soil structure and protects minerals from a blockade and leaching
      •Significantly increases nutrient intake (trace elements and elements with reduced mobility)
      • Stimulates microbiological activity and decomposition of organic matter
      • Improves the mobility and availability of macro and microelements in the soil


    1 l10 l