liquid biostimulant for better submission and stress relief

    NP 3/18 + 2.5% Mn + 5.7% Zn + Seactiv complex

    Fertileader Axis is a liquid biostimulant that helps crops to withstand stressful conditions that occur during the vegetation cycle such as high or low temperatures, lack of moisture, temperature fluctuations, adverse weather conditions, etc.

    • In foliar application, the application is performed with all types of standard sprayers and atomizers at an application rate of 200 - 400 l / ha of water for cereals, industrial plants, vegetables and flowers, and 600 - 1,000 l / ha for orchards and vineyards.
    • The dose and time of application depend on the crop and phenophase of the plant.

    • For more details and fertilization plans please contact our sales representatives.

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    Expectations & Benefits

    • Significantly better root development - higher absorption and utilization of nutrients applied to the crop
    • Stem elongation
    • Larger leaf mass - larger area of photosynthesis
    • Extended and improved fertilization
    • Sustainability and germination of pollen
    • Stress relief caused by adverse weather conditions, such as low temperatures, drought and heat
    • Higher quality production - pollination is along the entire length of the cob, and the grains are full


    10 l