liquid biostimulant for balanced fruit growth and plant development

    NPK 9/5/4 + 0.05% B + 0.02% Cu + 0.02% Fe + 0.1% Mn + 0.01% Mo + 0.05% Zn + Seactiv complex

    Fertileader Vital is a liquid biostimulant which, in addition to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, also contains all significant microelements.
    It enables balanced fruit growth and plant development, accelerates the formation of sugar, starch, oil and other nutrients and accelerates their transfer to the grain and other storage organs of the plant.

    • In foliar application, the application is performed with all types of standard sprayers and atomizers at an application rate of 200 - 400 l / ha of water for cereals, industrial plants, vegetables and flowers, and 600 - 1,000 l / ha for orchards and vineyards.
    • The dose and time of application depend on the crop and phenophase of the plant.

    • For more details and fertilization plans please contact our sales representatives.

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    Expectations & Benefits

    • Anti-stress biostimulating effect during heat stress
    • Accelerates the start of the period of plant vegetative growth
    • This product can recover a plant after serious damage
    • Crop revitalizer
    • Helps with external problems such as phytotoxicity (e.g. herbicides), hailstorms, frost
    • Induces re-growth and development