emphasised potassium content makes it primarily designed for crops that are its large consumers

    N – 5%, P2O5 – 10%, K2O – 22%, MgO – 3%, SO3 – 37%

    Eurofertil PLUS HORTI 37 is a complex mineral fertilizer with emphasised potassium content and it is primarily designed for crops that are its large consumers.
    Due to the specific form of potassium, which is in sulfate form, this fertilizer is intended for the production of tobacco, vegetables, fruits, grapes and flowers.

    The product contains PHYSIO + specificity.

    • Application depends on soil analysis and crop requirements, and the general recommendation is at an application rate of 300 - 700 kg / ha.

    • It is applied in autumn over the entire surface before plowing, during pre-sowing soil preparation or before the replantation of plants.

    • For more details and fertilization plans please contact our sales representatives.

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    Expectations & Benefits

    • PHYSIO +
      • A powerful organic biostimulant for root strengthening that allows efficient intake of nutrients and water from the soil
      • Technology created from a seaweed extract
      • Aminopurines stimulate root system growth and allow increased uptake of P, K, Ca along with other elements from the fertilizer and soil
      • Accelerates the initial growth, improves the plant resistance to stressful conditions such as drought, low temperatures, etc., and allows a stable and quality yield in different weather conditions.
    • Phosphorus
      • Improves photosynthesis and respiration of plants
      • Affects plant reproduction
      • Improves rooting, root and shoot formation
      • It directly affects the yield
      • Provides energy in the form of ATP, for plant processes
      • Improves resistance to plant diseases


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