calcium carbonate soil conditioner with the addition of magnesium, Mescal & Physio + complex

    CaO – 42%, MgO – 2,5%

    Physiomax is an inorganic soil conditioner with a high content of calcium carbonate and with the addition of magnesium.

    It contains special supplements Mescal and Physio + complex

    Physiomax can be used in organic production.

    • Application depends on the results of soil analysis, i.e. soil acidity and the requirements of the crop, general recommendation is an application rate of 300 - 1,000 kg / ha.

    • For more details and fertilization plans please contact our sales representatives.

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    Expectations & Benefits

    • PHYSIO +
      • A powerful organic biostimulant for root strengthening that allows efficient intake of nutrients and water from the soil
      • Technology created from a seaweed extract
      • Aminopurines stimulate root system growth and allow increased uptake of P, K, Ca along with other elements from the fertilizer and soil
      • Accelerates the initial growth, improves the plant resistance to stressful conditions such as drought, low temperatures, etc., and allows a stable and quality yield in different weather conditions.
    • Marine calcium
      • Greater calcium absorption required for root and root hair development
      • Better activity of microorganisms in the soil
      • Improves bacterial environment, e.g. micro-pH for bacterial activity
      • Better storage of nutrients, e.g., P, K within the clay-humic complex
      • Protects phosphorus from blockade and allows greater availability and efficiency
    • Magnesium
      • Improves photosynthesis and facilitates the conversion of nitrogen into nitrate form
      • Improves the absorption of phosphorus in the plant by increasing the energy in the plant
      • Helps build chlorophyll


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