microgranulated fertilizer improving initial growth and stress resistance of the plant nutrition

    N – 11%, P2O5 – 22%, K – 5%, SO3 – 12%, Zn – 2%

    Actistart is a microgranulated fertilizer with a high content of phosphorus and zinc.

    It contains is the MPPA DUO specificity.

    It is applied as an ultralocalizing starter fertilizer.

    Actistart, thanks to its MPPA DUO specificity and well-balanced nutrients, accelerates root growth and branching, allowing young plants to start intensively absorbing water and nutrients very quickly after germination.

    Crops fertilized with Actistart have a very fast initial growth, close the lines quickly and achieve a good plant density on the field.

    Actistart increases the resistance of young plants to stress conditions.

    • Dosage is 25 - 30 kg / ha. It is applied ultralocalized with sowing.

    • The microgranules are put into the same line as seeds using the microgranular fertilizer applicator.

    • For more details and fertilization plans please contact our sales representatives.

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    Expectations & Benefits

    • MPPA DUO
      • A natural extract of humus origin which is used as a stimulator of root growth
      • Provides protection of nutrients from fertilizers
      • Mobilizes and protects nutrients from the soil
      • Nutrients bound to the MPPA complex remain in the soil protected from the blockade until the plant’s root system reaches them. Under the action of root secretions, nutrients are released from the bond with the MPPA molecule and therefore become available to the plant.
    • Phosphorus
      • Improves photosynthesis and respiration of plants
      • Affects plant reproduction
      • Improves rooting, root and shoot formation
      • It directly affects the yield
      • Provides energy in the form of ATP, for plant processes
      • Improves resistance to plant diseases
    • Potassium
      • Essential for plant growth, vitality and quality
      • Allows the transport of nutrients to storage organs
      • Improves nitrogen intake
      • Increases resistance to low temperatures and reduces the impact of drought on the plant
    • Sulphur
      • Extremely important for proper stem elongation and nitrogen efficiency
      • Increases protein and dry matter content
      • Increases crop yields
      • Helps create amino acids (cysteine and methionine)
    • Trace elements (Zn, B)
      • Stimulate plant growth
      • Have a positive effect on the synthesis of sugars and their transport in the plant
      • Improve flowering and fertilization, help the firmness and stability of the stem
      • Increase resistance to frost and low temperatures


    25 kg